Storage Ideas for Bicycle Pallets | Pallet Ideas

A mountain bike could be a great gift for your school children. Not only does it provide great transportation facilities for shorter distances, but it is a full-time body workout as well. So it’s always a good feeling to have a good mountain bike. But being a thin object, it always lacks some efficient Storage capacity . As you go for window shopping, you will not be having some enough space for your purchased items to be hanged on the bike. This problem is also fixed by the wooden pallets. We are introducing some stylish and stylish bikes pallet storage Ideas here in this article.

This is a simple yet spacious Wooden pallets installed in the back or rear seat of a thin mountain bike. We have connected it with the motorcycle using thin stripes of leather or belts so that it remains intact with the motorcycle and does not fall.
Storage of bicycles with Palet

Here is a small enclosed wooden box installed in the front space of the mountain bike. So this makes it a perfect carrier for some documents or some other accessories that you might intend to carry with you while riding the bike. Open and close the box with the built-in door at any time with ease.
Storage of pallets of Idea Bikes
Here again comes a fully equipped vintage mountain bike with some extra storage space in the shape of this wooden pallet box that is quite open. You can use it again as an efficient carrier while bringing home some fresh vegetables or fruits.
Storage of pallets of Bikes Crate

You can simply enlarge the size of these wooden pallets storage boxes according to the anticipation of the loads or expected load that it will carry in the future. Just make sure the strong attachment of these wooden pallet boxes with the bicycle. Now this is enough enough to carry some kilos of some stuff.
 Pallet Bike Crate
This is a somewhat modern storage wooden pallet box with some modern modifications. It has nylon strings crossed through which would ensure the safety of the product you are carrying and would prevent them from falling out.
Storage of pallets in Bike
While at the end, there is a wooden box that matches the storage of the white platform in the front of a bright white spotted mountain bike. This looks like a romantic vehicle specially designed for some couple, can carry some green foliage or some branches in this wood storage box . Use it as a carrier of some fresh cut flowers for your loved one.
Pallet Bike Planter Box  Idea of ​​the planter of bicycle pallets